3 Things You Need to Know to Get Your Best Hairstyle Ever

So, you want to change your hairstyle but just can’t decide what cut or length to go for? Your hairstylist is asking what you want but can’t explain why the picture you show him might not be suitable? Fear not, we give you the lowdown on finding the style and length perfect for you.


Most people are familiar with the basic faceshapes as shown in this graphic. Yet, many are confused which applies to their face. The reason is simple, we often have mixed shapes, for example round with square jaw-line or heart-shaped with diamond.

Moreover, some shapes, although not perfect and oval may work perfectly well.

Case in point, the actress from the movies ‘Ghost’ and ‘GI Jane’, Demi Moore has a square jaw-line. Even so, she looks great in short hair, it conveys strength and determination.



Size and proportion of features

Although you may have an oval shape, if your eyes, nose and mouth are small or narrow-set, you will always feel that you have a round, big face. There are well-established ideal proportions of your features in relation to length and width of your face. The eyes are supposed to be half-way between the top of your head and the chin. At times, the curvature of the head can make the top half look prominent or the angle of the jaw-line can lengthen or shorten the bottom half.

Famously, the person widely regarded as having the most perfect face in terms of proportion and symmetry is the actor, Denzel Washington.





Symmetry refers to the balance between the features of your forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and jaw-line of the right and left half of your face. You may never have noticed before but most likely, some or all of your features on your left half differ slightly from those of your right. Many people are aware that they look better in photographs if their face is turned to the right or left.

Look at this series of 3 pictures, the first is the regular portrait, the second is made up of two left sides mirrored and the third of two right halves. The result is quite dramatic as they look more like siblings rather than the same person.

This person has one eye slightly lower than the other, her nose is angled to one side and the lips extend a little farther to one side. Since the slant in this face is to the right, she would be better off changing the parting and letting the hair flow in the same direction.

In the middle picture, he seems to be more serious while on the right he appears to be smiling. That is because the corners of his lips curl up slightly higher on his right side.


If you’re in front of a mirror now and start to become aware of your little imperfections, don’t panic, nobody is perfect. These facial quirks make you you, they define your unique personality. Important is, that we enhance your flattering side and best features with the right length and style, taking also into account your shoulder-width, height and body type. There is a science and formula just for you!

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