Are you a salon owner who is opening up a new salon or needing some additional expert advice for your existing salon?


We can help!

Let us use our expertise for you by providing the consulting services you require to ensure a higher quality salon experience. Exposé Salon owners Margie and Stephan are here to help share their expert advice when it comes to planning and managing a successful salon.

With 28 years in the Salon Industry and a thriving salon in the heart of Cebu, both Stephan and Margie Zenz are here to help you along your salon journey. At Exposé, we believe any consulting advice or marketing plan must be unique to your salon.

We have a deep personal commitment to keeping the independent salon thriving and profitable and to the principle of “pay it forward.”


Our goal is to support you by providing business consulting services to specific areas of your business which together we agree will make the most significant impact with the overall goal of promoting growth and prosperity.


Our mission is to improve the salon industry “one salon/owner at a time” by sharing our experience, successes and failures so that our salon owner partners will be strong and successful for years to come.