Hair on the Beach

It’s almost here! As it gets hotter by the day, beaches are beckoning weary urbanites from the city.

Young professional or student on Sem-break? Planning on a much deserved holiday with your barkada in Bantayan, Malapascua or Bohol?

You’ve worked on your beach bod, or, heck, not… Scored new beach wear and flip-flops. Bringing a bottle of Don Papa or Amaretto di Saronno (so yummie with Calamansi), a guitar to strum in the evenings. That’s the life – just a few days more..

But what about your hair? Can’t be bringing hair drier, straightening and curling irons.


Let Urban Turban show you the island-way to cool hairstyling!
Whether taming frizzed hair or creating mermaid-locks, here are several ways to manage your hair on the beach with nothing more than a bandana or tissue paper and a few pins and rubber bands.

All of the following techniques require freshly washed and almost dry (85%) hair.

The Twist – divide your hair into large triangles or squares. Twist the sections until they twist on themselves into a firm coil from roots to about halfway. Now sling the remaining length around the base of the coil WITHOUT TWISTING and secure with pins. Sleep on it and wake up with gorgeous waves.

2. The Soft Roll. Use some snippets of fabric or tissue. Fold it diagonally over the ends of individual sections and begin to roll it up and in, then secure it with a knot. In the morning, gently shake out the waves.

3. The easiest way to tame wild hair is to use the Double Twist. Divide your hair into 2 parts, hold them downwards and twist away from each other. Secure the ends of both sides with a single hair-tie below your chin. When you wake up it will be frizz-free and softly textured.

4. The Headband or Bandana Trick. Secure the head band or bandana high on your forehead and slightly below your crown. Now take a 2-inch section of hair from under and lift it up. Insert your forefinger from inside the hairband and hook the section down. Repeat this until you’ve reached the center back. There should be 1 final section left from either side. Take these and wrap them around 2 or 3 of your fingers. Remove the fingers and secure this roll above the headband with a pin.

5. The Messy Bun. Another great way to create texture for limp hair is to fix it in a messy bun and sleep on it.

The best way to keep your pins organized is a used Tictac container!

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