Love Your Hair

Love Your Hair!

This could be a compliment from your friend, [I] love your hair, sis!
Music to our ears, it makes us feel confident and socially secure.
Being complimented on our shoes, bag or dress is nice but then it says more about our style, taste or disposable income.

Your hair is uniquely you!

It is a well-known fact that people meeting for the first time form sub-conscious impressions in a snap.
The second most important feature to make a good impression?
Not your height, waistline or tone of skin; not even your curves but – your hair.

Can you think of one successful female executive who does not wear smart-looking hair? One female celebrity who does not have great hair and color?

Even if her hair looks ‘out of bed’, I bet there is a personal stylist who worked to make the look just so.

People spend money and time on their hair because there is a greater pay-off than just feeling good yourself. Making a good impression is half of winning a person’s approval or cooperation.

Oh, and the most important feature? Your eyes.

Not every stylish woman has great hair – some merely have a great hairstylist!

Just a generation ago, your choice was gel, mousse or hairspray. Color was for covering grey hair and came in dark-brown and black. While making your hair curly or straight was messy, risky and accompanied by offensive smells.

How times have changed!
Many salons look stylish and smell pleasant. A multitude of beauty brands and products cater to every hair-type and need. Hair-coloring is limited only by your imagination and changing your hair-texture from wavy to straight or vice versa can be done with minimal impact.

How to maximize your hair quotient.

Step One: Love your hair.
Accept and embrace your unique combination. When looking for a style online, match the texture and fullness. Be open to new ideas.

Step Two: Find a stylist who cares.
Look for these qualities: Experience, competence, confidence.
Asks questions, talks about solutions, not problems. Can explain benefits and points out why this particular cut, color or treatment is your optimum choice.

Step Three: Do your part.
Every great style requires management. It could be the correct way of using a styling product or tool. Perhaps a treatment shampoo, conditioner or mask is required. Think of it as investing in success. Ask your stylist, it’s his job to help you between salon visits.

The confidence that comes from great hair allows you to use less make up, dress casual and still look stunning. When you Love Your Hair, you shine. When you shine, you are irresistible.

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