Choppy, Twisted, Textured or Blunt?

Our tips to help you get your Dream-Bangs

The first thing people notice about others are the eyes, followed by the hair.
It’s easy to see then, how bangs are not just bangs. They frame your most important features, make a simple hairstyle look fantastic – and if not done well – they can ruin your looks, too.

‘The Eyes are the Window to your Soul.’ William Shakespeare

Who needs bangs?

Bangs or a Fringe as the British call it, is a tool to make your face appear shorter or longer, add softness and may even disguise facial imbalance.

La Frange.
Nobody wore it better than the French. Celebrities from film and music popularized bangs as the ultimate cool in the 60’s. There was Brigitte Bardot, Francoise Hardy and British-born Jane Birkin. To this day, hairdressers around the world pay tribute to these icons of Style.

What could possibly go wrong?

If you’re planning on a new look with bangs, don’t just go to the next hairsalon. You see, cutting bangs is a bit like shaping eye-brows, it’s tricky. You need to cut just the right amount, the best section, give it the desired shape and texture.
It’s not easy, sometimes growth patterns can bunch hair up in the wrong spots, cow-licks can lift it and unexpected waves can leave you with awkward-looking, lumpy hair.

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