Color – A Thin Line Between Fab and Yuck!

Is this what you are shown when you ask for a color consultation? If your stylist is showing you a color-chart to choose from, beware, you’re in the wrong salon. It is akin to your doctor showing you his medical school books to discuss your symptoms. A good doctor would not do that and neither would a colorist who is any good. Bring a magazine, pictures from the web on iPad or phone.

An experienced colorist will ask about previous treatments, such as re-bond, highlights, henna etc.

A well-trained colorist may suggest a test-strand or an allergy test before the actual procedure.

Tip: If you plan on a new hair color, don’t wear a blue, yellow, red or green shirt/ blouse.

Why? Because strong primary and secondary colors will reflect on your skin and change your natural skin tone. Instead, wear beige or off- white for best results.

Exposé – because we care!

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