90% of Women With Long Tresses Damage Their Hair When Combing. Are You?

Find out why your hair is dry despite spending good money on Treatments, having Hot-oils and Hair Spas, perhaps even using salon-quality shampoos and conditioner at home.

A Comb is just a comb, or is it?

According to Wikipedia:

A comb is a toothed device used for styling, cleaning and managing hair and scalp. Combs are among the oldest tools found by archaeologists, having been discovered in very refined forms from settlements dating back to 5,000 years ago in Persia. This is to say that the comb has always been among the most important tools of human civilization.

Not so long ago, all combs were made by hand. They were not only beautiful to look at but also beneficial to the hair.

These days, most combs are made from plastic. This makes them cheap but the seams from the plastic moulds, called ‘Burrs’, tend to cause quite a lot of damage the more you use them.

Only a few companies, like Hercules-Saegemann or Kent produce high-quality combs that fulfill the following criteria:

-Non-porous (will not support the growth of mold or mildew); guaranteeing hygiene

-Chemical and heat resistant

-Antistatic (prevents fly-away hair)

-Very smooth and gentle to the hair and scalp due to rounded tips and sides

-Excellent gliding ability when combing through the hair

Here’s how to use a comb correctly. (Seriously?!)

• Always comb your hair with soft, gentle strokes. The tips of your comb should point horizontally towards the hair, not downwards, as this will tighten any knots and over-stretch the hair, which causes breakage.

• Comb hair out in equal sections beginning at the ends, working from mid-lengths to ends and finally from the roots.

• Never share your comb with another person for reasons of hygiene and to protect your hair and scalp from any infection.

• Never brush your hair out to de-tangle because the hair is 5 to 10 times weaker when wet. So, comb when wet and only brush (if necessary) when you blow-dry.

Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald.

How To Clean Your Comb

(Honestly, did you ever think of cleaning your comb?)

1. You need an old toothbrush or manicure brush.

2. Rinse the comb under running water, and then apply a little detergent, soap or shampoo and brush from the base of the teeth of their tips to remove the accumulated dirt, like dead skin cells and dust.

3. Rinse the comb clean and soak it in hot water for a few minutes.

4. Dry it with a tissue. Your comb is good as new!

5. Repeat every month or two.

In summary, it is important to understand that using the best hair products will not give you the best possible hair unless you optimize the way you handle, towel-dry, comb and brush your tresses.

Healthy hair is truly luxurious and beautiful hair!

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